Hello! We’re Clever Foodie

And here’s a little bit about us…

Clever Foodie is a solution-driven, clear, genuine, friendly, approachable, passionate, and innovative tech company

Let’s break that down shall we…we are:


Solution-driven is: continually looking for better ways of working through tried and tested analysis of our software, we’re empathetic to our customer’s challenges 

Being solution-driven means we won’t sleep until we help find the answer and/or fix a problem, whether that’s through our existing software or an enhancement that will help to make your life easier. Can you tell this is why we’re coffee fiends?


Genuine is: pure, honest, positive, accurate, factual, down to earth, we will never be dishonest, misleading, unapproachable or doubtful.

We’re an honest Irish company with a strict ‘cut the bullshit’ ethos. Plus, our Mothers would kill us if we were anything but genuine.


Approachable is: empathetic, reliable, interested, trusted. Our door is always open, and we’re always interested in feedback whether that’s in the form of new ideas for Clever Foodie feature enhancements or a suggested tweak on a process, we’re always here if you need us.

But, like, not on Christmas Day or anything.


Innovative is: Forward-thinking, creative, original, inventive, advanced. And we’ll continue to be innovative with Clever Foodie. We’re committed to continually enhancing our platform with new features and functionality to ensure our customers get the best possible user experience with all the benefits.

Think of us as really clever software scientists…but cool scientists, that have really cool hair.


Clear is: simple, concise, to the point, understandable, and we apply this to everything we do whether that’s our user journey, communication standards or processes. We don’t like waffle, (we love real waffles though) and we promise not to spit technical jargon at you.

If you can’t understand the benefits of Clever Foodie and our processes, then we’re doing something wrong…and we may need to have a word with the Marketing Team.


Friendly is: human, personable, relatable, attentive, professional. We’re big on customer satisfaction and creating relationships that share an equal vision for solution-driven processes.

We also love meeting new people, preferably over a good cuppa, with biscuits…now we’re talking.


Passionate is: dedicated, committed, intrigued, inspired. We’re passionate about forward-thinking tech that provides solutions for our customers. We’re passionate about digitising processes that make your life easier. We’re passionate about onboarding, training, delivery and support.

We’re passionate about our vision, mission and values and we’re passionate about our team. We’re geeks ok, we love this stuff.


Witty humour is: original, a play on words, fanciful, not always obviously funny. We don’t want to feel like just any other SaaS company spitting technical jargon 24/7, we’re real people, not robots.

But don’t worry, we’ll keep the dad jokes few and far between…well, we will try our hardest. Kinda.

“Clever Foodie has saved us so much time! “

“Not only that, but it’s allowed us to better manage our online stock inventory, speed up the delivery process and overall remove that admin headache that comes with having to move to digital.”

Ann Marie Cusack, Chill Off License Group

Customer Testimonial

Not only can we easily consolidate and manage orders now, but we can allow our customers to order multiple items from one site that’s been designed to fit with our brand.

Customer Testimonial

The system has saved us so much time and allows us to focus on providing our customers with the best experience possible.

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