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Are you looking to improve your business’s operations and provide a better customer experience? If so, read this blog post about the best practices in running a food business and how online food management systems can help. The food industry is one of the most competitive in the world, so finding ways to streamline your operations and reduce costs is essential. One way to do this is to implement an online food management system. Online
Running a food business is a complex juggling act involving supply management, food orders, inventory, and fulfilment. For small businesses with limited resources, this can be overwhelming. Many food businesses turn to Excel to manage all of the data in their business because it is relatively free and accessible. However, there are significant downsides to using Excel for food business management. First, it’s time-consuming. Manually entering and updating data in Excel is tedious, especially for
Takeaway coffee services decline. Post-pandemic behaviour is seen to favour in-person experiences vs takeaway coffee. Opportunities seen in Subscription, Decaf and Cold Brew. Consumers see value in subscription services. A decline in preference for caffeinated drinks seeks opportunities with Decaf. Cold Brew popular with GenZ palette. UK Coffee Market seen to grow, threatened by inflation. It is expected that year-on-year growth would occur from 2022-27. However, this is threatened by inflation and consumer behaviour reacting
Introduction In the fast-paced world of the food industry, efficiency is key. From production & deliveries to managing finances, every aspect of the operation must be streamlined for success.One area where many establishments are still lagging is in the archaic practice of using carbon copy books for recording orders. In this blog post, we’ll delve into how this outdated method is costing your restaurant valuable time, money, and precious resources. The Carbon Copy Book Quandary

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